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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

yay! started the day off with basketball
haha i think tantuigee ball is cool, made me silent a couple of 3 points in a row.
damn tyco seriously -.-
playing basketball with guys again , so fun (:
i think i sprained my ankle, landed badly after attempting a jump shot...

lol the holy chant of 8 3 5 5 in hokkien was funnay
made people score alot of awesome shots
congrats to jun jie who first blooded the on top of netball court shot
haha very funny when guys queue up to do that lol.

Sigh, after that, math and geog blew me away
was mugging real hard for chemistry, cause i realise it's importance
in the process neglected both math and geog.
then now deprove

sigh, wasted sia, see chemistry, how much i love you?
you cannot even fail my exothermic reactions towards you
you are not attracted to my electrostatic force of attraction
you neutralise my love for you
you reduced my love for you
sigh but i still love chem haha (:

Well back to studying
chiong chiong chiong

(7:31 PM)

Monday, September 14, 2009

all set and ready for school
i miss going to school

september holidays are rather boring
no friends or anything

facebook apps, says i am gonna get lucky on wednesday, something to look forward to

tsk, physics pop quiz most prob tmr ~!@#$%

(12:35 AM)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

haha today was a cool day
yup went jogging today with my old man
then reach home damn tired

snsd for a while, the started chemming
organic chem, a bit fun la
just that need to remember a lot of temperature and atmosphere
the rest such as the formulas
are easy actually
10 years series a bit here and there
should be fine huh?

mousehunt luck uber down today, only good catch is nomad
stupid, lh's right, our mood does affect mh

oh went to the Gundam 30th aniversary exhibition
bought Gundam 00
dunno la promotion, i see nice buy lor


Me and Big Gundam 00


Me at the entrance :D

That's all
I'm getting fat and ugly

(1:06 AM)

Friday, September 11, 2009

i thought i would do something meaningful and blog.
haven't blog for a month i realised.

today is the last weekday of the holiday, here is my easy and comprehensive summary


1) I choose to put plate because mugging has a second meaning (robbing), and i believe plating sounds new in our mundane and boring life.
Yup. Revising takes up 9/10 of my weekdays.
I realsie there is a lot to revise especially for mathematics. physics and chem i find ok, cause they are revised throughout the year in our common test.
pfft, math? try telling me wad's this : Tr+1 = (n r) a^n-r b^r
trigo screwing up my life too
Its damn shitty, when i love chem more than math, math ditches me in the cold rain, and when i care bout math, chemistry ditches me.
guess i can't step two boats with one foot.

i need to thank them a lot. Gee and Genie are the songs i listen to when i feel low. the songs are really addictive and their dance are enjoyable to watch (:
I never get bored of them (for now)
So a big thank you to all of them
in case u are wondering , SNSD is a korean girl band (Girl's Generation)

Yup that practically sums up my holidays
interesting right, NOT
damn, becoming a couch potato in front of the computers and textbooks
i need to exercise
now now now
gonna go run or basketball tomorrow (well i made the exact same promise since monday)


(7:22 PM)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

havent been here quite long haha.
wanted to come back here a while a go to blog about pop.
but i realise, i didnt had to blog to keep those memories with me
that's just the impact my squadmates had on my life.

anyways centrestage was great
both SH and JH fyi
yeah it was just great from the singing to the wrestling part hahhaa
enjoyed the 7 bucks (:

studying chem now
must really do well for it
cannot get 11 again
die also cannot

but how to concentrate still got math assignment and geog coastal report

wenny feels lifeless

(5:43 PM)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

haha today was really great
pe was funny with the triple threats badminton showdowns LOL
then played basketball
need to work on those jump shot

lol later BP go comp lab find video
instead, went to FB and mousehunt
lol we watching Michael Jackson videos too haha
internet is slow -.-
stupid i caught brown mice there

trying to cramp integration in to all the nook and crannies of my brain
darn, its disgusting
up till now, my favourite question is still:
Name:____________________( )

hey it comes out for every test, thank god =D

zzz failed chemmmmmmm opennnnnnnnnn bookkkkkkkkkkkk by half markkkkkkkkkkk
open book leh

(8:24 PM)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

sigh tio some flu
sneezing like nobody's business
zzz i used out 1 whole tissue box after i reached home.
this is a warning tho, stay 1 m away (:

Today was kinda exciting
Firstly we had thriple kill,
but miss tan ended the killing spree as there was a new timetable
zzz, hmm quite sad for hcl teacher, we all saw as he unpacked his stuff
cheer up
zzz physics taking up another 2 more kiw period
aww man.

hey but the new timetable is really slick
i mean tmr there's like maths 2 period and chem 1 period and the rest is kinda slack fun! It's like BP, PC, ACE and PE! whoots!
looking forward for tmr basketball?

still doing ace
still doing ace
still doing ace
still doing ace
still doing ace

sigh when will i finish
lol maybe after i blog ;p

ah choo!

(10:58 PM)